CBF LIVE! Presents Our First Ever ALL
So You Can Build A 7-Figure, FREEDOM Business 
March 7, 8, 9 2019
Dallas, Texas
3 Full Days of Crafting Your Custom 
Marketing, Branding, And Sales Systems
For Your Ideal Business and Life!
Join renowned mentor Debbie Sardone, her staff, and tons of growth-driven cleaning business owners who are all committed to breaking through to their next best level!
Learn how to reach more people with your offer and create high converting marketing campaigns and service packages so you can achieve the income and life you’ve always imagined! 
You won’t be attending “just another event”
Debbie will share everything she’s done to market and grow her multi-million dollar cleaning business.  Learn how she's made over $25 Million in sales since starting the business and her easy-to-follow systems you can use, and grow with. 

It’s time to stop chasing price-only clients and one-time cleans, and learn how to fill your schedules with high-paying, profitable, loyal repeat clients.
Systems Are The Key To Freedom
Learn how to turn marketing into a system so that your business can thrive and even grow when you no longer want to be there every day!  Debbie says "the success is in the system, and freedom only comes when every part of your business has been systemized--including marketing".
Here Are The TOPICS We Will Cover:
  •  The Top FREE & CHEAP Marketing Strategies - Whether money is tight or you're just tight, these all work and will fill your schedules with top paying, repeat customers!
  •  Success Is In The Structure - How to automate your marketing and learn how to make money in your sleep or while on vacation so you can create freedom and still grow
  •  The Marketing Numbers -  The best way to track and measure results, figure customer ROI and the "life time value" of a new customer so you can stop wasting money on the wrong marketing sources and low-value customers
  •  Growing Beyond Stuck - Why your business is stuck now or will get stuck year after year and how to avoid plateaus, no matter how big or small your business is now, you must hear these principles
  •  Brand Slam!  Be Known As THE BEST As You Grow - Yes! You can have it all and avoid the "franchise reputation".  Get top rated reviews, guru status in your town, and endless PR
  •  Debbie's Sales Success System - Learn the steps to beating the super cheap competition, winning sales at top dollar, and closing more repeat customers on the spot. Discover how to get more "yes's" on the spot and grow beyond belief
  • BONUS:  Avoiding The Feast Or Famine  - The best ways to balance hiring, growth, attracting more customers than you can service, never having enough employees, or never having enough customers.  Stop the roller coaster forever with this one topic!
Curious if this event is for you? Let’s see!
Does any of this sound familiar?
  •  You’ve been in business for a while but feel stuck - stuck with your income, your growth, and lack-luster marketing
  •  Or maybe you’re ready to make a big transition in growth and desire the clarity and structures to support your new focus…
  •  Or you’re just getting started and want to have a clear marketing plan to follow
  •  You know you have an amazing service, are raved about by your clients, but you still charge below your worth
  •  You’ve gone through other programs, trainings or events and still aren’t where you want to be…
  •  You struggle with the sales conversations and charging top-dollar still feels awkward or uncomfortable
  •  You’re tired of feeling guilty about working so much and feeling disconnected from your family or friends
  • You know you're sitting on a goldmine in this business but you can't seem to tap into the full potential
Here's What Other's Say About Training With Debbie......
"I just followed the Formula. Don't change a thing! Do everything Debbie says and you'll be successful. Three years, $1M in sales, and I don't go into the office anymore! Thank you Debbie for creating CBF."
"After completing Module 4 my husband said that the staffing module was worth the price of the entire program! We now have 100 clients and are happy with our income and all the free time we have."
"After 10 years of cleaning I was afraid I'd missed my window of opportunity to get out of the field and build a great business. I did it, I'm MOP FREE and proud of my business now."
Do you want...
Clarity and focus on exactly how to grow and market your business?
To wake up every day in love with your business, your clients, and your life!?
More financial freedom and more time, with your loved ones?
To start filling your schedules with loyal, top-paying repeat clients who refer you!
To package and price your services so that you are profitable on  every single clean!
More consistency or more growth, or both, and commit to making it happen?
Featured Speaker
Debbie Sardone
Debbie Sardone is one of America's leading cleaning business development experts.  She teaches business owners around the world how to create a 7-figure business, a 6-figure income, and freedom-based structures.   Debbie's own cleaning business is 100% freedom-based, with over $1.5M in sales, 35+ employees, and maintains a 4.5 star quality rating online.  She's been an absentee owner for over a decade and mentors cleaning business owners full time.

Debbie is the founder of Cleaning For A Reason, the nonprofit that has helped over 30,000 women with cancer receive the gift of free cleaning during cancer treatment.

Debbie also co-owns Speed Cleaning with her husband Steve Sardone.  Their Speed Cleaning company manufactures and distributes eco-friendly cleaning products as well as other cleaning products, equipment, books and training materials.
Here's What Even More People Say About Debbie's Training:
“Almost within three months of knowing Debbie I tripled my sales!”
CBF Student
“My prices need to go up, but I kept holding myself back. I finally raised 60 customers prices and only lost 3 that I didn't want anyway! [using Debbie's formula].”  
Conference attendee and CBF Student
Discover the revenue opportunities hiding in simple steps and systems!
How to Attract Top-Paying Clients
How To Profit From Every Single Clean
How to Brand Your Service So You Stand Out
Get Your Questions Answered
Debbie's Sales Conversion System
Create Your Personal Marketing Calendar
How To Charge More And Still Win
Receive Worksheets, Forms, and Formulas
Unforgettable moments, find your business tribe, gain the resources and support to propel you forward!
Real Time Practice
Life-Changing Connections
#IG Moments
Inspiring Student Stories
Yummy Food (VIP Lunch
Checklists And To-Do Sheets + Marketing Samples
Join us at the Hyatt Regency At DFW Airport!
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