How To Implement A Quality Driven Employee Training Program
Step-By-Step 5-Star Employee Training Made Easy
February 6, 2019 (8:00 to 4:00 pm) — San Diego, CA
This Is A One Day Mini Clinic Condensed Content From The
"Speed Cleaning For The Pros" Employee Training System!
Curious if this event is for you? Does any of this sound familiar?
  •  You’ve been in business for a while but feel frustrated - frustrated with the results of your training
  •  You are ready to move from doing the work to training others to do the work and need clarity and structures for training all the new staff
  •  You’re just getting started and need a proven step-by-step plan for cleaning, and training all new cleaners
  •  You know you have an amazing service, customers rave about you, and you don't want to risk damaging your reputation with poorly trained employees
  •  You’ve gone through other programs, training or events and still don't have a clear plan for training the new staff
  •  You struggle to charge what you’re worth because the new staff are slow and inconsistent when they clean
  •  You’re tired of feeling guilty about working so much and need a process to train the staff that will take over the cleaning
  •  You want to work less hours AND make more money NOW
Instead, Do You Want…?
  •  Clarity and structure for training all of your new staff?
  •  To know that your training will produce top-notch skills?
  •  To make more money by on-boarding new staff quickly and seamlessly?
  •  To be proud of the consistency and quality your cleaners provide every day?
  •  To automate your training so new people can start even when you're on vacation?
  •  To move from high stress and chaos to high profits and pride of ownership?
Discover The 3 People You Need To Train
Decrease The Time Needed To Train
Cut Costs Of Training and Re-Training
Get Your Top Training Questions Answered
One Day Seminar Itinerary 8:00 to 4:00

8:00 am - Hire Integrity: Keep The Best Staff Longer
  •  Top-Performer Employee Attraction Techniques
  •  Three Steps To  A Quality Driven Training Program
  •  The RIGHT Way To Train ALL Employees
  •  Get-It-Done Exercise: Write your Training-Action Gameplan
1:00 pm - Train Skill:  Turn Trainees Into 5-Star Employees
  •  Speed Vs Quality
  •  The 5-Star Employee Training Plan
  • Tools, Rules, And Results 
  •  Get-It-Done Exercise: Leave with your Employee Training Clarity™ Worksheet
"I'm a BELIEVER! A job that took two cleaners, 2.hours and 15 minutes before learning Speed Cleaning now takes one cleaner 1 hour and 17 minutes, and 28 seconds! I was afraid I was going to have to increase their rate, now I'm at $48.84 per hour on this job......Oh man, YES! Thanks for the confidence Debbie Sardone and Speed Cleaning; it works!"
“Because of her we are almost at a million dollars!”
"One of the regrets I have after coming to this conference is why did I wait so long!”
“The day I found Debbie and Speed Cleaning it was such a relief because I knew now I have a direction”
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